XYZ Foundation helps creative and entrepreneurial people access capital, mentorship and other support
systems to create positive chang
e in their community.


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Resilient Economies

Grant & Loan Programs

The XYZ Foundation provides grants and loans to a range of worthy causes. These types are:

Seed Grants

Between $5,000
to $25,000

Seed, or Pilot, Grants allow you to build your idea up from the conceptual stage. Research a new concept or approach, prototype your idea, conduct a feasibility study or convene stakeholders around an issue in a new or novel way.

Growth Grants

Between $25,000
to $100,000

Growth Grants help promising projects grow and develop even further.
We build-in technical assistance funding that focuses on developing your impact reporting to help with your multi-year reporting process.

Low-Interest Loans

Between $50,000
to $250,000

Loans can be a great capital tool to complete your financing puzzle. 10% of our endowment is actively managed under our mission-related investment (MRI) strategy. This allows us to invest in organizations aligned with our mission.

Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change is simple. If we are asking our grantees and loan recipients to report the impact of their work, then we have to do the same. XYZ Foundation calls this Living the Values. We invest heavily in making sure we can monitor the effectiveness of how we provide grants and loans so that we can improve over time the same way that our partners have to with their stakeholders.

Specifically, we incorporate best practices as outlined in Project Streamline and emerging from Fund For Shared Insight as guiding core resources. Then we monitor, evaluate, learn and improve how we are doing – all in real time.

Where We Draw Inspiration From

On Right-Sizing Grant processes

On Promising Practices

Living The Values

Stories & Impact

Read stories from our grantees and loan recipients as well as from our own internal surveying. Knowing how we are doing helps us understand our impact. That is why we incorporate feedback loops into all our activities.

Data & Dashboards

This is your chance to interact with our data and play around in our dashboards, made available via Creative Commons. This data lets us see how past and present grant and loan recipients have made a difference in helping solve community challenges.