XYZ Foundation values being stakeholder oriented and responsive to improve our grantmaking over time. We understand this takes a lot of effort, which is why we try to reduce administrative burden wherever possible.

What We Bring

The XYZ Foundation team has a great blend of skills and experience in philanthropy, running a nonprofit and technology. We have reached a shared understanding of how we want to support each other with good data and information. This allows us to be stakeholder oriented while also having accurate and trusted data that allows us to measure impact.


VP Finance


Seed Grants

Growth Grants

Social Finance

Office & IT

Digital Strategy

We do this by investing in feedback loops at all stages of grant application intake, review, administration and reporting. This investment includes systems that allow us to review and process grants as efficiently as possible so we can focus on impact.

The following diagram summarizes our digital strategy. We want to be stakeholder oriented, have measurable impact and have secure and reliable systems. Our IT investments and policies provide the team with all the tools that they need to get the job done, so we can effectively and transparently disburse funds to qualified nonprofits and social purpose organizations.

Annual Budgeting

The following table summarizes our annual budgeting process, allowing our board, financial advisors and partners to align expectations on how much we are able to give and loan.

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Asset Allocation90%10%100%
Amount Available$58,000,000$6,500,000$65,000,000
Expected Annual Return8%1.5%6.9%
Investment Income$4,387,500$97,500$4,485,000

President & CEO

Hansa, CEO

Meet Hansa. She is the dynamo President & CEO of XYZ Foundation. A seasoned entrepreneur herself, Hansa likes to work closely with her team to make sure the XYZ Foundation can deliver on its mission.

As XYZ Foundation’s mission includes traditional grants and impact investing, she needs to be able to collect and share internal business results and external programming results. Delegating as much as she can to her team, Hansa knows that XYZ Foundation has to be a digital-first organization. With programming across North America, the XYZ Foundation staff must spend as much time on strategic, high-value work as possible.

VP of Finance

Frasier, VP of Finance

Meet Frasier. He is the XYZ Foundation’s CFO. He is responsible for managing the day-to-day financial operations at the XYZ Foundation.

Frasier is regularly checking in with the grants team about current or future payments, logging into their online accounting software to reconcile transactions, processing invoices, and updating cash-flow spreadsheets. On a quarterly basis, Frasier also has a conference call with the XYZ Foundation’s investment advisors, including the Social Investment Committee.


Amelia, Communications Officer

Meet Amelia. She leads the board communications and provides social media support for the XYZ Foundation. Amelia works closely with her Foundation colleagues to know who has received support, what events team members will be attending and what the other sector partners are working on.

She is also responsible for helping Hansa engage with the board. Amelia has a keen eye for detail and knows the communication habits of her board members. Based on how they want to receive information, Amelia prepares dashboards and reports that help the management team and board understand XYZ Foundation’s impact.

Seed Grants Officer

Fernando, Seed Grants Officer

Meet Fernando. Before joining XYZ Foundation, he cut his teeth on grassroots organizing. Fernando knows what to look for in loosely organized initiatives that need a little ‘bump’ to get to the next level.

Being very action oriented, Fernando wants to get dollars out the door to the groups that need it the most. However, he is very pragmatic about what groups would qualify for a Seed Grant. Fernando is a great communicator and likes to meet groups in person to better understand what drives the team and gauge their ability to deliver.

Growth Grants

Trinity, Growth Grants Officer

Meet Trinity. She is responsible for the Growth Grants program. The Growth Grants program supports nonprofit and charitable programs that have already demonstrated program success. The job is demanding, as there are many worthy causes to consider,  including projects that board members refer her way. Trinity makes sure that the grant criteria is clearly laid out on the XYZ Foundation website, including examples of proposals that really stand out as best practices.

Additionally, Trinity works closely with Fernando to identify initiatives in the Seed Grant stream that may qualify for a Growth Grant, thus acting as a pipeline for good ideas. Trinity can also be found lending her experience to help out with administrative work in the Seed Grants program and any other responsibilities as needed from time to time.

Social Finance Officer

Alana, Social Finance Officer

Meet Alana. She is responsible for managing the Mission Related Investments (MRIs). The board has approved between 5% to 10% of its assets to be invested in mission-related vehicles such as social impact bonds or directly in businesses that meet very specific investment criteria. Alana has been working with the impact investing ecosystem to develop a strategy that provides above market returns but also meets the financing needs of qualified social purpose businesses.

Office Administration & IT

Sergei, Office Administration & IT

Meet Sergei. He is responsible for assisting XYZ Foundation staff, in particular helping Hansa with her daily duties. On one day, Sergei can be ordering office and kitchen supplies or dealing with the company that provides internet and WiFi. On other days, he can be found preparing for board and committee meetings taking place in the office or making travel arrangements for staff. Because Sergei is also very tech savvy, he has been tasked with administering the username and password catalogue for all the different technologies that XYZ Foundation is using.