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You can apply for funding to the XYZ Foundation using our online grant application platform. Once you create an account, you will be prompted to select a funding stream. The appropriate form will appear for you to complete.

***NOTE: GrantBook has worked closely with each software vendor to configure the XYZ Foundation Sandboxes in alignment with the user and functional requirements collected in the Discovery & Recommendation phase (Phase 1). Under each Grants Management System, we have highlighted some of the key features each system has to offer. The required documentation can be found at the bottom of the page.***


What to look for

The workflow builder feature ensures that all key processes have been configured for the grant process. With the reviewer experience in mind, the two-panel reviewing view allows users to see the content of the application while providing their comments and scores. Foundant also offers a useful report-generating tool. The board book and reporting engine provide significant flexibility for administrators during committee meetings and post-meeting administration.


What to look for

The unique card view feature allows you to view registration, application and reporting cards all in an easy-to-read layout. For any given grant, you can draw from a number of funding sources for one or more payments (if multi-year). You will also see how the Live Reports section gives you the ability to generate a wide range of reports.


What to look for

SmartSimple is a completely customizable GMS platform. It can be 100% configured (e.g. no coding) or customized (e.g. lots of HTML and CSS) to meet complex grant-making needs. You will get to see its unique database design and vocabulary, specifically the Universal Tracking Application (UTA), and how it allows for an infinite number of design possibilities.

SurveyMonkey Apply

Built from the ground up, SurveyMonkey Apply (Formerly FluidReview) is a very flexible Grants and Awards platform. One of the strongest features is its multi-language capabilities, robust roles/permissions capabilities and workflow builder. Build with a non-technical user in mind, SurveyMonkey Apply empowers program and grants staff to build and modify grants programs in days to weeks; not weeks to months.

FluidReview & Salesforce

What to look for:

FluidReview has an excellent applicant and reviewer experience. The form builder, reviewer portals and workflow/trigger actions are very configurable. FluidReview has custom integration with This allows for certain grant data to be passed along to and vice-versa. Within, organizations make use of the Opportunity object to support payment and reporting roll-ups.


Submittable is a very user-friendly Grants, Scholarship and Awards platform. Submittable is particularly great for arts organizations that provide awards and scholarships to artists such as writers, preforming artists, musicians and visual artists. One of the other great features is their integration with Zapier, a leading Integration-As-A-Service platform. This makes it very easy to move data from Submittable into your favourite CRM, newsletter and events registration software.


Solution Comparison

Over the course of three to four months

Phase 1 – Discovery & Recommendation

    • Engage and assemble project team
    • Audit of current processes, systems and capabilities
    • Solutions comparison & recommendation
    • Facilitation of decision-making process

Phase 2 – Design & Implementation

    • Procurement of new technology solution
    • Functional design & information architecture
    • Deployment & customization of solutions
    • Data migration & data clean up


Facilitated Decision Making

Over the course of three to four months:

    • Provide two demos (one by GrantBook & one by vendor)
    • Staff take notes to compare solutions
    • Conduct reference checks with similar sized grantmakers
    • Produce detailed quote for XYZ Foundation
    • Prepare presentation deck (see right)
    • Present to staff
    • Facilitate a final decision

GMS Process Maps & System Diagrams

The following illustrations are called Business Notation Mapping Processes (BNMPs). These forms of diagrams are able to show interdependencies and tasks that are assigned to one team member. XYZ Foundation has four different BNMP maps for each of the funding programs.

Non-GMS System Diagram

The following illustration summarizes how the XYZ Foundation may consider connecting different technologies to support a non-grants management workflow. In this example, it summarizes how the Foundation might consider hosting webinars that are easy for staff to prepare for and host.