Data & Dashboards

XYZ Foundation has a commitment to make our data and information open and accessible to the general public.

Play Around in our Data

You can use the filter buttons to search approved versus declined grants by year, fund type or priority area. The corresponding data will filter based on your selections. This data is updated in real time as decisions are being made.

Want to dig into the data even more? Feel free to download the available data sets. Remember, this information is subject to the Creative Commons license with public benefit in mind. Please use responsibly.

Bank on Openness

XYZ Foundation has made a decision to apply a Creative Commons license towards all our grant application data and most of our impact reporting results. Additionally, we have invested in a few analysis tools that allow you to play around with our data.

Data Sources

Our dashboards and reports are generated from a thoughtful integration of data sources and systems. Here is a list of just a few of the systems that power certain aspects of our grantmaking:

  • Grants Management System – grants data
  • Quickbooks – Financial data
  • HelloSign – Grant Agreements
  • MailChimp – Campaign performance
  • Google Analytics – Visits & page views
  • Formstack – Webinar results

View Data

Released in 2016, XYZ Foundation officially launched our API, which publishes real-time data on our grant approvals to an online spreadsheet. This dataset is also the one that powers certain visualizations below. You are free to use this data in any application that is for public benefit.