FAQs & Eligibility

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the XYZ Foundation’s grant and loan investment activities. We encourage you to contact the grant or loan officer only after you have reviewed the following FAQs and eligibility requirements.

General FAQs

Is my organization eligible to receive a grant?
An applicant organization is eligible if it is a registered charity or nonprofit with charitable purposes and is in good standing.

Does my organization need a specific area of focus to qualify?
Eligible organizations must provide programs and services that support at least one of the four primary focus areas of the Foundation: Arts & Culture, Active & Healthy Lifestyles, Social Inclusion or Resilient Economies.

How will I find out if I am approved for a grant?
Successful organizations will receive an email notification indicating that they have been approved. Grantees will then be required to complete a brief survey asking for feedback on the application process.

What happens if I am not approved for a grant?
Organizations unsuccessful in receiving a grant will receive comments summarizing why they were declined.

What are the reporting deadlines for grant recipients?
Grantees have 45 days to complete their interim and final reports after the project start date. As grantees near their project completion date, they will receive a project report email reminder.

Eligibility and Evaluation

Each funding opportunity has specific eligibility requirements, assessment frameworks and reporting guidelines. All funding has some aspect of data and information sharing. Contact your program officer for more details.

Seed Grant

“Hello. My name is Fernando. I am the Seed Grants Officer at the XYZ Foundation. The purpose of this funding program is to help organizations test new ideas and concepts, and bring stakeholders together.”

Fund Purpose
You require funding to test a new idea or concept. This can include convening stakeholders to discuss new ways of working or delivering programs or services.

Application Planning
The application should take you five hours to complete, which includes getting feedback from three of your peers. We specifically want to know what constructive feedback your peers provided that helped strengthen your proposed idea or concept. You can download the following template to get started.

Seed Grant Template

Adjudication & Review
Staff will conduct a quantitative and qualitative assessment to be weighed equally. Applicants must score green on both assessments.

  • Quantitative (50%): XYZ Foundation staff will spend 30 to 45 minutes to review your website (see methodology).
    • Green – Score of 60% or over
    • Yellow – Score between 40% to 59%
    • Red – Score of 39% or under
  • Qualitative (50%): To ensure a balanced evaluation, staff will use the quantitative green-yellow-red scoring system for the qualitative assessment.
    • Green – You have demonstrated that the idea or concept is worth testing, that there was adequate feedback from other stakeholders, and that you have the tools to learn from the project outcome.
    • Yellow – You have most of the requirements but fall short on one or two areas.
    • Red – The project is not ready to receive a grant.

Growth Grant

“Hello. My name is Trinity. I am the Growth Grant Officer at XYZ Foundation. I will be working with you to prepare your application for a Growth Grant. As these are multi-year commitments, we bring external reviewers into the process to discuss which proposals are most worthy of support. We meet two times per year, giving us lots of opportunity to build the most compelling proposals for the committee.”

Fund Objectives
You have a proven program or service that can benefit from funding that can take your work to the next level.

Application Planning
The application should take you seven hours to prepare and complete. You can download the following template to get started.

View Growth Grant Template

Adjudication & Review
Reviewers will be given two weeks to review all the proposals before convening as a group. They will be asked to provide three comments on each proposal to address what they liked  about the proposal, identify concerns or risks, and select a similar, approved, proposal to see if any past learnings may be useful in this context.

Reviewers will be asked to provide one of three colour codes:

  • Green – Would like to bring the proposal forward, as it meets all major goals of the Foundation and the organization has the capabilities to deliver on the objectives.
  • Yellow – Mainly meets the goals of the Foundation and/or appears to have capabilities to deliver on the objectives.
  • Red – Does not meet the goals of the Foundation and/or may have challenges delivering on the objectives.

The reviewers’ comments will not be visible to one another until the committee meeting. At that time, the initial rankings will be presented to the reviewers so they can discuss and make their final decisions.

Low Interest Loans

“Hi. My name is Alana. I am the Program Officer for the Loan Program. I can help see if your organization is ready to receive loans from us or from other impact investors.”

12 Hours

  • 3 x 1 hour discovery & qualificationcalls
  • 1 hour for lean canvas prep
  • 1 hour management presentation
  • 3 hours to prepare supporting documentation
  • 1 hour legal (term sheet)
  • 1 hour site visit
  • 2 hours system configuration for impact reporting

You can view the amortization schedule template here:

Click Here

Fill out our form to receive a Lean Canvas template. We will use this to validate your business model and social purpose. When we finalize the content, this will be what we present to the management committee.

Request Template

Fund Purpose
To provide financing to help implement capital projects with the possibility of bringing other supporters to increase the success rate of your venture. Ventures must be located in Canada or the United States, be under 10 years old employ at least two full-time employees and have raised less than $1.5 million in funding.

Application Planning
You must have a Theory of Change/Developmental Evaluation model. If your organization is selected, you must sign a Letter of Agreement (LOA), which will outline how the XYZ Foundation will deliver funds via e-payment. You must also have at least one senior management team member working full-time on the project and have a Board of Directors or advisory network. The vetting process should take you 12 hours, including meetings and presentations.

Adjudication & Review
XYZ Foundation has a roster of dedicated volunteers who serve on our review committees. While each volunteer has considerable industry expertise, they have also been provided training of our review process. In addition to visiting your website, the reviewers will also base their decisions on the following criteria:

  • Your office is in a co-location space (2 pts)
  • You have a B-Corp, Wagemark or equivalent certification demonstrating commitment to equality (5 pts)
  • You have a clear theory of change (2 pts)
  • You have a demonstrated ability to learn from your activities (2 pts)

You will also be asked to complete an online spreadsheet and presentation deck as part of the application.

The following table summarizes a few of the key highlights of our grant and loan programs. Be sure to mark your calendar for deadlines and due dates. Below the table you can find specific eligibility requirements and reporting guidelines for each of the funding streams.

 Pilot GrantsGrowth GrantsLoans
Allocation TypeGrantGrantLoan
Application IntakeYear RoundOct 1st and May 1stYear Round
Amount$5,000 to $25,000$25,000 to $100,000$50,000 to $250,000
Decision Time Frame6 Weeks by Staff4 Weeks8 weeks
LengthOne YearMulti-year (3)Multi-Year (5)
Application Preparation5 hours7 hours12 hours
Staff review2 hours7 hours24 hours
Committee review30 minutes60 minutes25 hours/year
Once completeCan apply to Growth GrantOne year 'Breather'Debt retirement