XYZ Foundation Grantee Gathering

The XYZ Foundation gathers our grantees and collaborators each year. Our goal is to accelerate the exchange of ideas, knowledge and lessons learned. As our granting enables grantees to produce programs/services and unique research, we want to ensure we’ve built feedback loops. Feedback loops that:

  • Accelerate what works (e.g. disseminate best practices)
  • Remove blind spots/unintended consequences (e.g employee burnout)
  • Can remove red-tape and unnecessary administrative burden (e.g reduce reporting)
  • Provide a constructive environment for personal and professional development (e.g. invest in healthy workplaces)

At our grantee gatherings, successful grantees can invite up to two people from their organization who would benefit from two days of an immersive learning opportunity. Sign-up today. Play ball!


Registration Summary

For all our grantee gathering events, we take care to understand learning styles, learning objectives and of course dietary considerations.

As people register, we curate the results in real-time. The benefits of curating this in real-time include:

  • Ensure topics are relevant to you!
  • Modify activities formats based on learning preferences
  • As best we can accommodate a diverse audience

Capacity Questions

Learning Styles