Stories & Impact

XYZ Foundation collects, curates and shares stories from our grantees and investees on an ongoing basis. This storytelling can include how valuable people are finding our webinars, key learnings from other grantees or promising practices that others could benefit from. Here are a few highlights:


As we stated in our Theory of Change, we want to live the value of being a stakeholder-oriented grantmaker. Not only do we want to collect the information that is relevant to our giving, we also want to improve how we conduct our grant and loan making. This page will let you know our methodology and provide some highlights on what we are learning along the way.

Application & Reporting

Hi. It’s Trinity. I work with the other grant officers. One of my duties is to act as the official grants management system administrator. As recommended by Project Streamline, XYZ Foundation wants to keep the net value of your grant as high as possible. We have set a goal to keep administrative burden to under 5% of the value of the grant. XYZ Foundation can monitor this by collecting grant and loan recipients’ honest and candid feedback at selected times during the application and reporting process. Based on the feedback, we then make ongoing improvements to right-size the organization.

Webinars & Meetings

Hi. It’s Amelia. I am the Communications Officer at the XYZ Foundation. We know your time is valuable, which is why we set goals for all our webinars and meetings. Specifically, we have set a benchmark to have 80% of all attendees and participants ‘Agree‘ or ‘Strongly Agree’ that the agenda or learning objectives met their expectations. Here is the general survey template that we include with most webinars and meetings.

Social Investments

Hi. It’s Alana. I am the Social Finance Officer at XYZ Foundation. While we want our loan to be a material investment in your success, we equally hope that we can bring other supporters to the table that can make your venture successful. That is why we have developed monitoring and evaluation tools that help us help you.

Digital Site-Visit

Hi. My name is Fernando. I am the Seed Grants Officer. One of my most important duties is to maintain our pre-screening process. Any one of my colleagues or reviewers should be able to visit your website and in under 15 minutes have a clear understanding of your mission, programming and impact. We know being digitally enabled is part art and part science.  It  is also a strong lead indicator that you have the organization skills and capabilities to deliver on your mission. With this in mind, XYZ Foundation will fund organizations that score 60% on a digital site visit. Once your organization achieves this score, you will be able to apply for a grant to the XYZ Foundation.

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